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I first heard about Augustinus Bader skin care products from a dear friend that knows EVERYTHING about skincare. Anything she ever recommends, I always have to try out, because she is the queen of beauty. The moment I tried it, I was hooked. I am a devoted Augustinus Bader fan and will forever use their “the cream” on my face. Since I started using their face moisturizer (for over 3 years), they have since come out with many more products. Each of them are as good as the next. I am a huge fan of their new lip balm (feels like satin for your lips) and their body cream (heaven — it’s expensive, so I rotate with GOOPgenes butter).


My favorite trio: body cream, the cream, and lip balm. Luxuriously hydrating and effective.

Simply cannot live without.

Rich and dense, and oh so nourishing.

Lip balm.

My new favorite purchase.


To read more about Augustinus Bader, go here. And yes, these are not cheap (i.e. they are expensive) but when you use the face cream, you don’t need anything else. Just one and done! I love the feeling of the cream (and body cream) and feel that my skin soaks up the nutrition and moisturizes my skin!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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