Currently Loving February 2019

Well, geez, February went by in a FLASH! I feel like it just started and now it is days away from being March…..Here is what I am currently loving this month.


1. Any podcast with Alex Honnold


Alex, you are a dare-devil, but I admire your strength (both mental and physical) and commitment and devotion to making the impossible possible. Lance — not a fan, but you gave a good interview.

I love Alex Honnold (and even more, Tommy Caldwell) and his movie “Free Solo,” so it is no surprise that I listened to every podcast and read every article about Alex after viewing “Free Solo.” I particularly liked this podcast with Lance Armstrong (although it made me realize that I have a lot of anger towards Lance and really dislike him).


2. Dirty John on Bravo


Tammy Taylor, I love you. And this story is OH SO GOOD. A must watch!!!!


A great series to watch (binge watch, especially). Addictive, interesting, riveting, and a true story — great story and TV.


3. Song “My Life” by ZHU


You will love this song IF you like electronic music (like I do). The beat is great for running or keeping your mind off anything else…

A great song to work out too, walk, work, talk. Just a great rhythm and beat. I love this whole song, and basically anything by ZHU.


4. Pink Acid Wash Pants


Anything by Ulla Johnson I love. But especially these pants.


I have this fascination with anything acid wash and pink, so the combination of the two is a huge seller for me. I went in to Barneys the other day to search for a dress, and I walked out with these new pink acid wash jeans. I couldn’t help myself — they just SCREAMED for me to buy them. I love them oh so much. Seriously, they are the perfect jeans and I am going to wear them to the ground.


5. Lady Gaga in the Natori Feathers Bra


Gaga — I LOVE YOU!


My favorite bra in the entire world is the Feathers Bra — and this is also Lady Gaga’s favorite bra.  Check out this picture that Gaga wore of her outfit at the Grammy’s after party. #NatoriPride. I love it oh so much. And I wish I could have the guts and confidence to walk outside in a bra as an outfit. This bra is the best if you haven’t tried it yet, it is a MUST.



I feel like I just wrote the word “love” a whole lot. But I guess that is why all five of these items go in to “currently loving” because it is oh so true — I LOVE LOVE all five of these things. What are *YOU* currently loving? Do tell! February is the month of love (but isn’t that what life is all about — LOVE?)

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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