New Years Goals 2019

NOT SURE WHAT HAPPENED but those past two weeks went by in a flash / blur / second, and I didn’t post at all! OOPS! It is not that I didn’t have lots of down time — I did — but I chose just to sit instead of working….but now, I am back….and HELLLLLOOOOO 2019! Here we are!


2019, we see you, because, we are HERE.

It is always a little humbling to go back and review the goals I set for myself for New Years (thank you, world wide web, for never getting rid of them. Here are my goals from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014). Every year, I tend to set these big idea goals and rarely do I ever accomplish them all. I also wish that I could be eloquent and deep and come up with one succinct, simple-yet-ever-so-thoughtful goal. And yet that doesn’t happen either — too many thoughts, too much going on in my head. So, for this year — I have TWO main goals — (a mixture of one and ten..#MathTeacher). This year is a big “one” for me as I am turning 40 in February. Without further ado, here are my three goals for 2019!


1. Surround Myself With Things That Bring Me Joy


Grandiose, perhaps, but in the past couple of months, I have made this more of a practice in my life — and it has had great results (i.e. More joy…). I simply make more of an effort to surround myself with things that bring me joy. What brings me joy? Fresh flowers (so I order them once a week), dance parties with my kids (so we pump up the volume and dance nightly), roller dancing (weekly lessons), running (lots of marathons already scheduled), helping others, building connections, loving fully, phone calls with loved ones, check ins, meet ups, smiles, hugs, kisses.


2. Have More Fun


Truth is I am getting older — there is no fighting this, it is just reality. But why act grumpy and old, and go to bed early? I can rest when I am dead. So until then, I want to embrace life to the fullest and have more fun. I want to go out dancing, roller skate, travel more, laugh, giggle, anything besides act my age. You only live once (YOLO) and so this year, it is all about having more fun. And it brings me joy to just think of these little things that will make me have more fun.


I got you, 2019. I am here.


What are your goals / resolutions / intentions / practices for the year ahead? Happy New Year! I am excited to get back to my tri-weekly posting and connecting with you all… let’s have some FUN!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. ” I can rest when I’m dead” I love this attitude!!! Life is too short to watch it go by!

  2. My new years resolution is also to surround myself with things that bring me joy! It’s so important to appreciate those little things in life. For me it’s books upon books upon books.

  3. #MathTeacher: How is two like ten? In binary…
    Btw., “three goals for 2019” is like “three types of people: those who can count and those who cannot.” Love you!

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