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A belated Merry Christmas! I hope everyone who celebrated found a way to find some joy and happiness. Right now, we are in Sunriver, Oregon with my family and have been leading a very slow paced and relaxing week. We are spending a lot of time eating, sleeping, skiing, and being together! I can’t believe how fast the time flies…..With less than a week left of December AND 2018, here is what I am currently loving!


1. Whole Foods Peanut Butter Trail Mix


The official name is “PB & J Gone Gourmet” and holy cow — it is so amazing. Yes, lots of sugar, calories, and fat, but you eat trail mix when you need those additional calories and sugar, so no sweat! This mixture came to a rescue the other day after a long run, lots of outdoor time, and a need to eat. It was the perfect mixture of sweet and salty — and popular with kids and grownups, alike.


2. Gold Down Leg Warmers



Before I left NYC, one of my best friends delivered a present she claimed was “soooo me.” Immediately after opening them, I could not stop laughing. She is so right — they are SO me. I love that they gold (my favorite), retro (my favorite) and obscure (my favorite). They are perfect for my winter runs training for my next marathon. I love them oh so much.


3. Roller Skate Dancing



My newest favorite hobby is roller skate dancing — yep — so fun, retro, and obscure. After buying my new rollerskates, I knew immediately that I wanted to take lessons to roller dance and take my abilities to the next level. As silly as it sounds, it has brought me incredible amounts of joy. I have had two lessons so far and plan to make it a weekly session — I even found a teacher that comes to my house to teach me. Even though it sounds so childish, it has reminded me that simple things make all the difference. I truly hope that I can excel in this new hobby — as I have so much fun doing it — and it is such a good workout (BONUS!)


4. Creating Memories



In line with seeking out simple things that bring me joy, it is the small moments that also make me happy. Like making snow angels. Or throwing snowballs at each other. Or watching movies together. Whatever it is, but together, I am complete.


5. Zola Blood – Infinite Games



This song, Infinite Games, by Zola Blood, just tugs at my heart. Every time I listen to it, I feel tears swell up. Music is so powerful, and this song, oh so much.



What are you currently loving in these final days of 2018? Also, I apologize in advance if I am a little spotty with posts over the next week or so. I am enjoying my downtime in Sunriver doing a whole lot of NOTHING, and then on Friday, we are headed to CA for some more R&R. That said, I do hope to post when I get some time to sit down and write! Until then, enjoy these last days of 2018! Be back at ya soon. xo




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