Sunriver December 2018

So before we get *totally* back to regular posts, I want to show pictures of our first week over Winter Break in Sunriver, Oregon. For the loyal readers, you know that Sunriver is a place that I have gone to my whole life, and as a result is truly a special spot. Not only is it gorgeous, but I have loads of fun memories of skiing, relaxing, and family time with the whole Proskurowski Family. I love that I get to share this place with my kids now, and that they get to experience the beauty and perfection of Winter Wonderland in Oregon. Take a look at the pictures!


We were fortunate enough to overlap with my brother and his kids (unfortunately, my sister in law had to work) for a couple of days. The kids love each other deeply…cousin love is REAL.

My little 10 year old niece, Alagna, with Cruzzie. They did such a great job of skiing on Mt. Bachelor together.

The littles — cousin Nadia and Tusia. Such sweet and fun loving 1st graders. They will always have a special bond being the only cousins in the same grade….I can already imagine what the two of them are going to be like when they are teenagers together…..

Brother in laws and best friends. What a cute sight.

Despite not being a big fan of downhill skiing (I much prefer cross country….), it is always good for the family to be together on the slopes.

Picture perfect snow angel.

Ahhhhh to be young!

Sunriver is best for family time. I cherish my time with my parents, who are still the centers of my universe. And there is nothing like sharing something I love (cross country skiing) with my parents and my kids.

And of course, the beauty of Oregon — MY GOODNESS — it is truly perfection. And the snow was powder perfection.

My little skier…….getting him to love cross country is a little more challenging than convincing him to go downhill…..

Mt. Bachelor Summit! (Photo credit: Ken)

Is he already too big to not want my kisses? NEVER. NOT GIVING UP.


Thanks to my parents for always dealing with us during this vacation — we love you so much! We can’t wait for our next Sunriver trip together! Happy January!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Cross country skiing is very under-rated!!! Much more relaxing then down hill!!!!!!

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