Currently Loving April 2018

So here we are in April. It snowed here in NYC on Monday. I thought April was SPRING for GOD SAKES? In any case, need to stay positive, so here is what I am currently loving for April 2018! Take a look.


1. Amy’s Andy Dandy Candy


It is made with organic chocolate, so it’s healthy, right???? Yeah right, but somehow, it makes it taste better, like the organic chocolate is better for your body and your body knows that. And if you are going to indulge, then might as well indulge in some organic chocolate (or that is my rationale….)


Creamy or Crunchy? OR BOTH?

2. Daffodils from Fresh Direct


Daffodils make me think of Spring in the Pacific Northwest, so I love buying daffodils every week to brighten up the house. Fresh Direct (the NYC online grocery delivery service) has a great deal for three bunches of daffodils at a great price. Bright yellow sure brightens up everyone’s mood!


Every time I see a daffodil, I think about growing up in Oregon!


3. Upstate Tie Dye Leggings


My obsession with Upstate shibori tie dye continues… with my new tie dyed leggings! I just got them and I can’t wait to wear them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Blue and white ON blue and white.


4. Mari Andrew’s Book “Am I There Yet?”


Just like I love Cleo Wade on instagram, I also love Mari Andrew. She is witty, emotional, articulate, and so damn talented. I love her drawings and way of expressing herself. A must buy (and also a must follow on instagram)!


I love this book so much. It is like my new bible.


5. Levain Cookies


I can never talk enough about my love for Levain Cookies. They are just the perfect comfort food and make everyone so happy. This past Monday, after a long run, I knew that I needed (ie wanted) a big fat cookie as a “re-entry pick me up” so I went and got one, and man, did it feed my soul!


My two favorite flavors: chocolate peanut butter and oatmeal raisin. TO DIE FOR.


6. Cacti


After my girls getaway in Mexico last week, I just love cacti. I am now searching for how I can get some for our apartment (and how not to kill them). They are just so simple and oh so beautiful.




So that is what I am currently loving. Do tell, what are YOU loving? And Happy April! Happy Spring! Happy rush of the end of the year…summer here we come!!!! (but spring, please show yourself before it starts to get in the 90s here in NYC)….

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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