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It’s almost DEJA VU because I write so much about deodorant (read here and here). That said, I haven’t found the perfect deodorant (total Goldilocks over here….). I use natural deodorant (almost exclusively Agent Nateur) but there are times that I need to use stronger stuff (like Secret… GASP) so I don’t sweat (and then smell).  Recently, when I was at a local boutique in Seattle, the salesperson told me that there are times she has to use a sorta natural deodorant — natural because it is alcohol free, but only sorta because it has aluminum in it. She says Fresh Sugar Deodorant is better than Secret, but worse than Agent Nateur, and is the perfect deodorant for those special situations. SO HAPPY.


Fresh sugar. Apparently, Sugar is a natural humectant that helps attract and seal in moisture. Who knew?

And I couldn’t be happier. It is not my everyday deodorant, but the perfect secret in not using chemical packed deodorant for those times when I just can’t sweat. This Fresh deodorant is gentle, alcohol free, and enriched with sugar so it prevents sweating and from swelling bad. Hallelujah!


Roll on. ROLL ON.



I am so happy with my new purchase — it makes me feel like I won some type of life lottery — like now that I will use this deodorant sporadically, I am giving myself an additional couple years of living (vs using the real bad stuff deodorant). The small things are what count, right? Happy day!

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  1. I’ve been looking for a good in between deodorant as well.. ordering this one now 🙂 Hoping I like it as much as you do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just felt my wallet get lighter, always buy your recs cause you speak the truth sister!

  3. i like their sugar scent for spring/ summer …nice light citrusy lemonade scent…fresh & clean also tried sugar cubes —bath fizzles.

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