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Over Spring Break in Seattle, we had the privilege of visiting Theo Chocolate Factory and going on a tour (my beloved Gwyneth is the one who told me about it). It was fun, tasty, interesting, and a unique experience. Definitely worth going to — but probably best to do it AFTER lunch and not before. Cough, cough, we were the idiots who went with five kids at 10:30 am and ate ten chocolate bars before lunch.


Classic beautiful warehouse (an old brewery) in which the factory is housed.

The building consists of both the factory as well as the store to the public.

The first half hour, we were in a classroom, where we learned about how chocolate is made and what makes Theo a different company than its competitors. We also sampled 6-8 different chocolate bars.

The kids were well behaved……and ate a lot.

Our tour guide — very nice, personable and funny.

Legs moving — post chocolate consumption….or on bar #3…..

“Theo” derives from the chocolate cacao plant and not someone’s official name.

One of my favorite chocolate bars! I sampled a lot of this flavor. SO GOOD. (and it matches my nails).

How the chocolate is sampled…..tubs and tubs.

The girl cousins.

Tubs of cacao beans.

The cycle of chocolate.

Eating cacao nibs.

The circular roaster a la Star Wars death star.

Even the store has bites to sample! AND WHO CARES ABOUT GERMS? (NOT ME!)

Pretty fireplace.

Willy Wonka style


My two favorite chocolate bars.

Running high from all the chocolate!


Definitely worth checking out if you happen to be in Seattle! And if you haven’t tried Theo Chocolate, you must. They sell to Whole Foods and at various stores throughout the nation.  Nothing says I love you more than a good piece of (organic) chocolate.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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