Currently Loving December 2017

With a snap of a finger, lightning speed, here we are in December. Mid December, in fact. Not sure how time flies as fast as it does, but, it does. So without further ado, here is what I am currently loving this month! Enjoy!


Holiday Card Display




I like how it is mid December, and we have already received 100 cards. Mind you, I also sent out my cards on the 1st of December, so just like me, most of our friends like to be early….. This holiday card ring hack has changed my life — it literally makes me so happy every day to have the cards OUT, without cluttering up the house!

Haim Walking Away — Mura Masa Remix


Not only do I love the song and Haim’s music in general, but I also want the leopard coat on the left.


I sat around with a friend last week trading music (she is way more hip than me), and this was one of the dozens of songs she recommended. Since then, I have played this song a good 50 times. It is just a mixture of happiness, electronic, folk, and fun. I can’t get enough.


Ikea Gingerbread Houses


Gotta love Ikea.


A couple weeks ago I made the trek to Ikea¬† (in Brooklyn) to buy these gingerbread houses. A dear friend had told me that the Ikea versions were the best, so I took her word. Although I have yet to build or decorate them (hopefully sometime soon!), I am excited that I have them and can’t wait to get going.


Josie Natori Charlize Chemise


Best present for a loved one — a comfortable and good looking chemise from Natori.


Recently, I decided to up my pajama game and switch from my typical undies-tshirt-pajama look to a new Natori chemise. So I “bought” this Josie Natori chemise, and I couldn’t be happier. It is the softest and most comfortable material and has the right amount of cling (not too much) and swing (good) on my body. I couldn’t be happier with my new outfit — I highly suggest this chemise.



There you have it, the list of randomness that I am currently loving. So now, your turn. Do share. Thanks to all of you that send me what you’re into after every single “Currently Loving” post — truly love those emails more than anything! I hope you are having a great week in MID-December.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. What a beautiful chemise! It might have to be a gift to myself for the holidays

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