Sold Out Sweatshirts

My new favorite sweatshirts are from Sold Out! Hurry up before they are sold out (original joke, I know). There are four versions of the sweatshirt, all with different sayings and colors, each one equally cool and hip.


Three of the four sweatshirts.

Imperfect(ly) perfect.

Femme Feroce.



Sold Out is a company started by two good friends based in NYC. The first offering was a t-shirt, this second is the must have sweatshirt, and who knows that they will produce next. Once the item is sold out, they come up with a new plan and product. What a creative and original idea — love love love.


Witty — even the tag I love.

Little tag on the bottom.

Directions on how to wear the sweatshirt.

Me and the shirt. I want to wear this everyday all day long.


These sweatshirts make the perfect gift for any woman in your life. To shop the four sweatshirts, go here. And check back soon for an interview with the founders of Sold Out  — thank you Kate and Kiane!

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