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My favorite form of social media is instagram, mainly because I love the square cropped photos with various filters that instantly make me look like a photographer. (Yes, I realize the irony behind the fact that I am a public blogger but have a private instagram account and don’t really like posting photos.  I’m an enigma.  But if you send a request and your profile isn’t obviously psychotic, I will accept it!)  So recently, I did a DIY project where I hung some instagram photos in my son’s room. I know, super creative.


closet door

A little surprise on his closet door.

I like the way that it looks homemade, not perfect, and casual (because, it is all of the above). I printed the photos on Sticky9, a great site that has many different products for the instagram shots. And I used neon tape to make it more avant-garde and poppy. It kind of looks like my son hung up the pictures, but nope, all me….going for the 5 year old-throw-it-together-look.



Square (3 by 3) photos of square photos.

pink tape

Pink tape with some edginess.

Whole view

Whole view, a whole lot of colors.

next to bed

Next to Cruzzie’s bed, we put two photos for him to look at: one of himself and one of the family.

with dream catchers

Next to his dream catcher.

nighty night

Nighty night (for someone who doesnt wear hats, Cruzzie sure has a lot of them….)


I also like the fact that we can easily move the photos around as I print more out….nothing is permanent and everything is temporary! Three years ago, I posted on different instagram products, so many fun options! What are your favorite things to do with instagram?

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