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Men’s fashion alert!  As many of you know, I grew up in Eugene, Oregon, where there are as many men’s dress shirts as there are Republicans…(I only knew one or two families that were Republicans….call me a hippy liberal).  That’s not to say I don’t have a view on men’s shirts, because I am EXTREMELY OPINIONATED.  I can’t stand (bold underline italic)  men’s dress shirts that are too big (or men’s clothes in general).  Why is it hard for so many men to find clothes that fit well?  Fortunately, Ken has found a new custom-fit shirt service that is user-friendly, reasonably priced, and makes great looking shirts.


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Beau is a relatively new company based in New York, with new operations in Washington DC. Ironically, the founder, Yazid Aksas, was class of 2007 from Stanford Business School (two years below Ken) , the same class as Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly, who co-founded Bonobos.  Those 4 people represent 80% of the Stanford GSB grads in fashion (most Business School students end up in hedge funds and private equity, and not fashion.)


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The service makes it super easy. Ken called to set up an appointment, and a representative came to his office, where he got measured and looked at and selected shirts from swatches. The shirts are quite reasonably priced as well.. $135 each, and if you buy 3, you get a fourth for free (which basically makes it just over $100 each… not bad for a custom-made shirt).  Prices for their other products are listed here.


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The shirts came weeks later, and he was able to get them altered. His measurements were adjusted and subsequent orders have come in perfectly without any further alterations needed.


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.36.42 AM


The customer service has been excellent as well. One of the shirts in Ken’s first batch started bunching, and they set him a replacement for free.


Josie Girl Blog: Beau by Aksel Paris

No extra fabric!



Good looking shirt!

Good looking shirt! And Guapo Josie-Guy!


The company has also launched a men’s shopping service, which you can read about here. If your Josie guy needs some help with his dress shirts, definitely give Beau a shot. ANNNNNDDDDD……Happy Anniversary (yesterday) to my Babers; the love of my life! 8 YEARS sure flies by…


Our favorite photo from the wedding -- check out the floral wreath hung on the wall that actually looks like it is a part of Ken's hair! Love it!

Our favorite photo from the wedding — check out the floral wreath hung on the wall that actually looks like it is a part of Ken’s hair! Love it!


If you are in a reading mood, check out the stories on our wedding here and here. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. HA! I thought that was his hair for a second..& love the idea of this company.

  2. Nice, classic prints. I will definitely be sharing this company with my friends (who NEED).

  3. Happy Anniversary! Loved reading your wedding articles, you and Ken look chic! Also like that you maintain your ties here in Eugene. Had a good chuckle about men’s button down shirts and Republicans. So true in this town! T-shirts reign!

  4. nicceeeee, ken’s looking his studly best …love shirts and just drooled gawking at fabric swatches…wld tell my boo , but his last week of work is in July – after that only swim trunks need apply… but hope they branch out to women’s ….

    ps- Hap Anniversary – and yes, initially thought what up w/ ken’s curly fro!

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