Lola Granola Bars

Currently on a granola bar kick (as witnessed a couple weeks ago here), here is my latest granola bar obsession: Lola Bars. Yes, I am on a roll with granola bars!


5 flavors.

5 flavors. Taste the rainbow.





the lola

The lola, of Lola Granola bar. Gluten free, non GMO, with almonds and cranberries. Delicious!


I discovered Lola via my endless search (never gets old) of granola bar options. Call me obsessive, or just plain addicted. It’s the perfect gluten-free snack … simple, easy, healthy, and good. Made with oats and honey, they are sweet, hearty, and chewy.


so good

Hello my love.


Ingredients: GF oats, honey, flax, coconut, yummmmm….




I bought the 5 granola bars on their website in a trial pack, and you should too! I have found them incredibly easy to carry around in my purse and have for an emergency snack (I am always hungry). Plus, they are a little more mainstream tasting (ie not too seedy, not too healthy) so they are a big hit with the kids, too. Have a great weekend! Any fun plans? I am doing another 10K in Central Park, lounging by the pool in Pound Ridge, and organizing my life before we head out to Oregon for the summer….lots to do (which includes eating these gems).

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  1. Just checked their website & looks like these are available at the whole foods near my house. Trying for sure!

  2. My favorite are KIND Healthy Grain Bars- Maybe I will try these for a change.

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