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I am an Instagram junkie. I absolutely love posting pictures and seeing my photographs through different filters and borders. A simple boring picture can become so artsy and beautiful with just the press of a button. I love not only the dozens of filters, but also the concept. It’s like a new-school-made-over kodak gallery. It’s photo sharing in a 2012 way — people (who I allow to view my pictures) can see them if and when they want. And with just one click you can post to facebook or twitter. Awesome for us social media lovers!

CURRENTLY, I am all about finding the best ways to savor my Instagram photos and make real-life keepsakes with them.  So, here are some sites that allow you to create some ever-so-awesome goodies with your shots.



Fridge with HAWT DAWG magnets.

Fridge at the Proskurowski Family household.

StickyGram takes your Instagram images and transforms them into lovely little magnets. You simply create your pack online by signing into your account, and then voila… magnets. Each magnet is roughly the same size as the picture on your iPhone. The magnets come in packs of 9 and costs $14.99. PERFECT GIFTS FOR GRANDPARENTS!

Photo Books

photo album

Photo Album Supreme.

There are many different sites that allows you to create a memory photo album with Instagram photos, but after reviewing them all, I think Keepsy is the best by far. Keepsy is user-friendly, inexpensive, easy, and quick. Within a couple of days I received my book and was completely thrilled with the results.

Canvas Art

Canvas Pop

How cute would this be in your college dorm room??? Or your grown up apartment? LUV.

canvas pop

Or your office?

I have yet to make an Instagram photo into a piece of wall art, but it is just a matter of time. I am just trying to find the most perfect picture, and when I do, I will create a large picture to hang up from Canvas Pop. The photos can be printed in two sizes (12 by 12 for $40 or 20 by 20 for $114) with two different edge colors (white or black). Once you choose the size, edge color, and photo, you are all done. That easy to get a smashing, personable, and awesome piece of art work for a room in the apartment! Plus, the website always has offers for cheaper rates — so make sure to check out the discount codes!

Printed photos in memory box

memory box

Memory box full of surprises and emotions.

memory box


Prinstagram has so many different products that it is hard to choose just one. Stickers, posters, mini books, t-shirts and prints. I decided to buy the “memory box” – a box with a print of every single Instagram photo in my account. Not very practical or good as a present — but it is truly a memory box, filled with the special shots I have collected over the past year and a half.

Ceramic Tiles


Place your hot coffee on your kid's face!

And it will not harm your table! Or your kid!

HANDS DOWN THE BEST GIFT TO GIVE! ImageSnap creates tiles in a variety of sizes and shapes (range is $4 to $35 per tile), each tile for a different purpose. Small tiles can be placed in a jar as a design element in the house, larger ones can be used as a hot pan holder, bigger ones can be hung as wall art. So many options! My current favorite is the option to get a medium sized tile with cork backing to create coasters. What an amazing gift!

So, there you have it, my favorite ways to use Instagram photos in ways other than the simple social media way. (There are even companies that create Instagram cookies, but who wants to eat a cookie with a picture on it?) If you are not on Instagram, get on it! What are you waiting for? And then follow me @ynatori and @josiegirlblog! Two accounts of Instagram Lovin!


Have a great week! Happy August!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Love this post. Had no idea I could do this many things with my instagram pics!

    • there are even more things, gifts that you can make with instagram photos! Even cookies!

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