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Ginger is known to be a cure all. It is a magical little herb that does everything from easing nausea, to aiding digestion, to relieving cold and flu symptoms, to reducing inflammation. It is kind of like a fairy godmother’s wand. TADA POOF MAGIC! And the ginger powder from Wakaya Perfection is even more magical.




The ginger powder produced from Wakaya Perfection is uniquely organic and certified kosher, as it is hand-cultivated in Wakaya Island’s rich volcanic soil (a region with elevated nutrient levels). Normally ginger is steeped with pesticides; but their product is the purest and most potent ginger available because they hand-cultivate it and only use natural irrigation methods. AMAZING! And as they claim “No chemicals, no pesticides, no preservatives, no additives. Just 100% certified organic ginger. Pure, Powerful, Perfection!”

Recipes, information, powered gold!

Recipes, information, powdered gold!

The ginger adds zest and depth to meals, and it boasts countless wellness properties.  You can use the powder in a cup of hot water, add it to a smoothie, create a marinade for meat, mix it in salad dressings, add it to cookies… the possibilities are endless! To see the countless recipes one can make with the ginger powder, go here. And for drinks, go here.

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Check out the press! To read more about this product, go here. To order, go here. And drink it now! Perfect for this time of year! I am so excited to make Ginger Tea with my little bottle of Wakaya Perfection Ginger powder. YUM! Have a great week.

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  1. Your right, ginger powder is like magic! Cures EVERYTHING! Definitely going to try this one out.

  2. I love Wakaya Perfection Ginger Powder. Can’t wait to try some new recipes

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