Colorful Kitchen Aids

Three essential (and colorful) kitchen tools: an oven mitt, a stool, and a lemon squeezer.  Why not bring a little color and fun to your otherwise boring kitchen equipment?


Tools! Red, yellow, and green: skittles rainbow.

Lemon Squeezer

It may seem silly to call it an essential kitchen tool, but it is. It helps squeeze the juice from lemons and limes WITHOUT the seeds (how many times have you fished out lemon seeds from a recipe? Too many to count from my end!) and is easy — requiring little effort to make all the juice to come out. And why not continue to have fresh lemonade through the fall?

Lemon squeezer.

Lemon squeezer; so easy to squeeze.

Action shot.

Action shot.

Hot Pan Holder

Pinch mitts! Tiny, gripping fingers to pull items out of the oven without taking up too much space.  Definitely prefer these to traditional mitts, which are much bigger.





Teeney Tiny Stool

As a short lady, I need help grabbing the high items in the kitchen, requiring a ladder or stool. But with NYC space at a premium, I need these height-aids to be small. So this teeney tiny stool (which is foldable and discrete) is the perfect solution.

foldable! discrete! colorful! easy!

foldable! discrete! colorful! easy!

Easy to use for a toddler. Which I think is a good thing...but maybe not for paranoid parents who think that their kid will climb up to the wine section and guzzle a bottle of wine?

Easy to use for a toddler. Which I think is a good thing…but maybe not for paranoid parents.



Size comparison

Size comparison

What are your favorite kitchen items? Do tell! Hope everyone has a fabulous start to November.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I’m going to buy that lemon squeezer right now that’s such a great thing to have around! Nothing like fresh squeezed lemonade.

  2. That stool is perfect for our kitchen!!! I love that is is foldable because I really only need a stool for the occasional item. Plus the green matches the decor!

  3. Btw it might sound silly but onion goggles (to wear while chopping onions) are absolutely essential! I literally can not chop onions without them, my eyes sting and tear so badly!

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