Currently Loving

Now that it is the second week of December (heart palpitations….so much to do! gasp!), I am running trying to whittle down my growing to-do list….so since I am in the listing, bullet type of writing, here are my current loves!


1) My mother-in-law’s jewelry


I have an insanely generous mother-in-law who not only GIVES me presents but lends me her own jewelry from her personal jewelry collection. I am one lucky duck wearing these drop dead diamonds galore (and my husband is lucky, too, since he doesn’t feel the need to get me my own jewelry).



I was lent some pretty spectacular jewels by my mother-in-law to celebrate her award at the ACC (Asian Cultural Council) several weeks ago. It was a cinderella moment…..and I made sure to return them before my children lost them! (Has happened before – temporarily….nerve wracking!)

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Favorite Blogs

If you are like me, you spend way too much time surfing the net for the perfect break from reality. Whether you go to dream of an escape, find the ever-so-hot jacket, get tips on parenting, or just hear the voice of someone different, blogs can intrigue, inspire, and relax.

Currently, here are my top hits for blog reads!


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