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Those of you that have gone through a home renovation, no matter how big or small, know how painful (not to mention time-consuming and expensive) the process can be.  It’s the nature of the beast: changing your mind, delays, and inevitably, spending more than you planned to.  Outside of envisioning the final outcome, one of the few sources of solace is that everyone goes through the same thing.

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The Traditional Home website is hosting a new blog series by Jaqui Lividini, who owns and runs the PR agency that Natori has worked with for years. Diary of a Mad Renovator will document her major renovation of a dream home she found on the Connecticut beach right on the Long Island sound.  I thought we had renovation stress.  Jaqui has already dealt with: Hurricane Sandy, major damage, and new FEMA regulations forcing her to either tear down the house, or raise it above sea level (forcing her to completely scrap the plans she had already developed.)

Jaqui bought the house from the great-granddaughter of the original builder/owner, and had promised her to restore it to a modern day version of its 1901 self.

Jaqui bought the house from the great-granddaughter of the original builder/owner, and had promised her to restore it to a modern day version of its 1901 self.

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Damage from Hurricane Sandy

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If you are like me, you spend way too much time surfing the net for the perfect break from reality. Whether you go to dream of an escape, find the ever-so-hot jacket, get tips on parenting, or just hear the voice of someone different, blogs can intrigue, inspire, and relax.

Currently, here are my top hits for blog reads!


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Addictive? Eye Candy? Inspirational? Organized? Bookmarks?


Pinterest is my newest addiction and internet love/time-waster. Too often, I found myself on Facebook, looking at stupid quotes from people, so in February, one of my best friends convinced me that Pinterest was a better mind-numbing-activity. I took her advice and started pinning. And let me tell you, she was right, Pinterest is AMAZING. More fun than riding a roller coaster. Although it sucks time out of you, it seems more productive and educational, as you piece together ideas/goals/activities/interests for yourself.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a big pretty bulletin board of all your bookmarks on the computer, allowing you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web with *other* people (but it also serves as a reminder for yourself, too –>why I use it). People use pinboards to decorate their homes, shop for new outfits, arrange their recipes, find inspiration in photographs, and more. Not only is it a virtual bulletin board, but it is a social network site that allows you to be inspired and acquainted with NEW ideas and images through your friends. No more searching on epicurious.com, now, I just go to my friends’ pinterest recipe pages and search for recipes that they love that might catch my eye.


This is my homepage. On my homepage, there are a set number of boards that I maintain (you can have as many as you want). You organize the boards by group: i.e., "Gluten-free desserts" or "Fashion Wish List" or "My Favorite Shape." And then WITHIN these boards are your "pins" which are the items that fall into these categories....

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