Hostess / Thank You Gift

This past weekend, we went on our annual mini-reunion with close friends from business school to Sonoma. It is a tradition I love and look forward to each summer. We had a jam-packed weekend (see the blog on Wednesday for a recap) full of lots of laughter, adventure, and hang out time. Coming to Sonoma from Oregon, I decided to bring the hosts a little bag full of Oregon goodies. I want to give myself a pat on the back because it is cute, well thought through, and useful. Thank you, thankyouverymuch. (Thank you, Kimmers!) Here are the details.


A Eugene little tote bag, stuffed with all small goodies.

A Eugene little tote bag, stuffed with all small goodies. You can never have too many of these tote bags — especially if it has an extra special strap, like this one.

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Currently Loving

Now that it is the second week of December (heart palpitations….so much to do! gasp!), I am running trying to whittle down my growing to-do list….so since I am in the listing, bullet type of writing, here are my current loves!


1) My mother-in-law’s jewelry


I have an insanely generous mother-in-law who not only GIVES me presents but lends me her own jewelry from her personal jewelry collection. I am one lucky duck wearing these drop dead diamonds galore (and my husband is lucky, too, since he doesn’t feel the need to get me my own jewelry).



I was lent some pretty spectacular jewels by my mother-in-law to celebrate her award at the ACC (Asian Cultural Council) several weeks ago. It was a cinderella moment…..and I made sure to return them before my children lost them! (Has happened before – temporarily….nerve wracking!)

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