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As many of you know, over the past 12 months, I have become an avid needlepointer. It started as a hobby during COVID lock-down, and now I can’t stop. I love the process (well, actually, sometimes I hate it, but can’t stop) as well as having something tangible when I’m done. It is no surprise that I have the tendency to love creating something with textiles, as my mother has been knitting my entire life. She taught herself during college, and since then, she has a million projects at a time. Mother like daughter, she never sits without a project, and is constantly knitting. She is always running late because she can’t put her knitting down, and I now fully understand why. As a proud daughter, I wanted to share with you all her most recent projects because they are SO different. They are not a sweater or a hat or a scarf, rather they are PILLOWS and a BLANKET. Yes, she knitted pillows! And a blanket!


The pillows! Aren’t they divine???

Multiple cherries!

A single cherry!

Up close.

All the stitches.

HOURS upon HOURS of work.

And the blanket!


My mother is knitting all of her grandchildren blankets — she has done 4 of them, and we just received our first one (in the Natori family). I love how these are all made with love — the hours, the thought, the labor, the LOVE. Thank you, Nana, for being so talented and creative. We will savor these presents forever.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Donna Wilson Sweater

Since it is now cold in NYC, I only wear sweaters. I have a variety of solid every-day sweaters, but there are days when I crave a sweater with more pizzazz and color. Thankfully, I came across a Donna Wilson sweater which is fun, poppy, colorful, and comfortable.


A contemporary version of a Fair Isle sweater.

A contemporary version of a Fair Isle sweater. I love the description: ‘Into the Woods’ is inspired by walks in the forest, thoughts on what it would be like to have a pet llama, and plans for a trip to the Arctic Circle.

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Knit Liberty Print Dress

In addition to having a talented mother-in-law, I also have a skilled mother. Lucky for us, my mother spoils me rotten with her handmade knit creations for the kids and myself. I have countless projects that she has made for me; all that I will keep forever and ever. She is hands down the most crafty, talented, creative woman I know. Not only does my mother have a full time job, cook better than any chef, dance flamenco multiple times a week, and care for her children and grandchildren (and husband), but she also knits / sews / embroiders every single day. She has multiple projects at once and is never sitting doing nothing. No internet surfing, no TV watching, just plain good ‘ol fashioned fun. Here is one of my mother’s most recent creations. It is a dress made for Tusia (our nickname for Zoe) — knit on top with Liberty print fabric on the bottom (that of course, she sewed together). I am a proud daughter! Check it out!

The model, my daughter.

The model, my daughter.

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