Upstate Plant Based Dye Kit

Readers of the blog know that I love tie dye, especially when it is done Upstate. I not only own a dozen pieces from Upstate, but they also did a collaboration with Natori that is to-dye-for (get it?). I am a huge fan, so when they recently came out with dye kits for you to do at home, I knew I needed to get one.


The kit. Plant-based dye kit in rose. Safe, easy, clean, and super duper fun.

This past week, while suffering from jetlag and unable to coherently put together a sentence, I decided to dye two old blouses from my closet that had not been worn in ten years. I had so much fun! So much so that I went online and ordered another kit as soon as I was done.


Each kit comes with an all natural dye mixture, a silk hankie, string, and a shirbori tutorial. The kit comes in three different colors: rose, indigo (which is what I just ordered), and turmeric.


The plant based dye.

The directions are super easy.  Just bring water to a boil, mix in the dye, and then sit and wait (I literally watched the whole process in awe).

Shibori directions.

I folded it just like the instructions.

I then tied the two blouses and dunked them in the dye. You let them sit for 30-40 minutes. If you want a more vibrant pink color, you are supposed to let them sit in warm water for 8-24 hours.  But I was so intent on having a finished product right away that I did only the 40 minutes. And I love soft pink.

Looks like a raw piece of meat, but it is not. Then you have to rinse it.

Voila. Soft millennial pink — my favorite hue ever.

I couldn’t be happier with the result. It is subtle and soft. Plus, I made two NEW shirts that I am going to wear from OLD shirts I had not worn in years! So basically, I earned money!

The pink is pinker in real life, but you get the idea — it is subtle pink shibori dyed!


If you are interested in a fun activity, than I highly highly suggest this plant based dye kit from Upstate! I can’t wait to get my indigo bundle and dye some more! For more, go here.  x

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