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I posted about Poppie Press two and a half years ago in 2022, but I love the albums so much, I have to post about them again! They are so amazing and just make me so happy (and if you are anything like me, they will make you happy, too!). Family photo albums of that year put together in one beautiful album. There is nothing I love more than family, photos, and being organized!


My collection so far! And I have made made them since 2014 but they are in the works!

Bottom right — the albums!


Fun lay outs


The last page is always that year’s holiday picture.


If you don’t remember about this post from 2 years ago (or are a new reader — welcome!), Poppie Press gathers your photos you share in a shared album for the month of that year, and puts together the album. ¬†Yes, I realize one can make the albums themselves and it would be less expensive, but it would take so much time and not be as nice. I love the result so much of these albums that they are worth every penny. Love love love. To book a free consultation, go here.

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