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CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THANKSGIVING IS PRACTICALLY HERE? I have no idea how that happened. Literally, the other day, I was convinced it was September (maybe I am losing my mind a little). A lot has been happening on my end — I accepted a job to teach again, applying my son to high schools, dealing with the insanity and sadness of the antisemitism in the world, and just trying to balance everything else out! It has been an adjustment (and I haven’t even started full time yet!)….so here is what I am loving this month.

1. Christie’s Auction Sale


Did you know that during the auction sales, anyone can go to the auction house (for free!) and see all the art work? I stopped by this past week for 30 minutes and it was glorious — just a quick runby to see all the work (and they have the prices on them, which is FASCINATING!). I loved this Frida Kahlo painting that she did of her sister….

2. I Need That


A friend took me to this play and although a weird subject matter (hoarding), I absolutely loved the performance of Danny Devito. He was AMAZZZZZZING. Incredible, holy crap, unbelievable. And his real life daughter was his daughter in the play, and she was also great (and looked exactly like him).


3. Basquiat x Warhol – Brant Foundation


On Friday, there was no school, so I took Cruzzie to see the new Basquiat x Warhol exhibit at the Brant Foundation. I love going to the Brant Foundation as it is a beautiful building and always has incredible pieces of work. It is a really easy exhibit and you don’t need much time. But I love asking questions to the workers (they are very well informed) and finding out as much as I can about each piece of work.

This was my favorite. HUGE. Can you imagine who has this in their house??? The house has to be enormous.


4. Britney Spear’s Book


Not necessarily well written, but fascinating, and man, has she been through a lot. A quick read and definitely worth reading.


5. Fade Haircut


Cruzzie got a haircut, and did his own research on what he wanted — and this was it. I have to say, it was a drastic change, but I am loving it!


6. Saks Window Clock


Walked by Saks the other day, and loved the clock on the outside. Nothing says CHRISTMAS more than all the shop windows — and apparently, it is that time of the year!


7. Gold Shoes


OBSESSED with my Cinderella shoes. They make me so happy. Yes, superficial, but LOVE LOVE LOVE.


8. Homemade Pizza


Growing up, it was my family’s tradition for my mom to make homemade pizza on Sunday nights. Although she made the dough herself, I have adapted this tradition and LOVE IT. Although, I am buying frozen pizza dough and then coming up with combinations to serve.



That is what I am loving this month! What are you loving? I always love hearing from you when you do share, so please share.

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