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My absolute favorite section of the newspaper is the NYTimes Sunday Styles — truth be told, I think it is EVERYONE’S favorite section…A couple weeks ago, I read about Any bags — and loved every part of it. And the NYTimes is correct — this bag isn’t just ANY bag, it is fun, functional, original, and made from recycled material.


Any bag is a play on words — the ubiquity of plastic bags and an ode to the hometown of the creator.

Do you see how it is made from plastic bags that are sewn together?

I love how no bag is alike and in this case, the creative direction was to do colors of the bags on one side, and clear on the other side.

They are woven together with recycled plastic.

They come in three different sizes — I purchased the mini because it is great to travel with (lies flat in a suitcase) and yet can hold a lot.

Three different color ways.

So fun — and better than the Fresh Direct bags all over the city.


To purchase or find out more information, go here. Happy weekend!

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