Currently Loving July 2022 Part 2

OH MY GOODNESS STOP SUMMER, STOP! It is going too fast and *GULP* it is almost the end of July! Here is what I am loving.


1. Never Have I Ever


So yes, the past month I have been with my 75+ parents and my 10 year old daughter, so it is not a shocker that I have been mainly watching teenager shows, but I am OBSESSED with ‘Never Have I Ever.” I love the characters, so charming, cute, loveable. Paxton — I love you.

2. Dancing In the Moonlight Remix


Love the original song, and love this Tiesto remix — so good.


3. Why Is The World’s Biggest Track Meet in a Small College Town in Oregon?


My beloved hometown has been the host of the World Championships the past 10 days and it has been so fun to watch in Europe how beautiful my hometown is. I love how this article explains why Eugene was chosen (and is the track capital of the world). Such a special place.


4. Carriere des Lumieres


One of my favorite interactive art experiences I have seen recently — so much better than the Van Gogh in Paris (it also had a pop up in NYC). Truly amazing. If you are in Provence — you MUST go visit. It changes yearly — the music and the art, and is an incredible experience.


5. Colors in Nature


So many colors in Provence — I love them all. Especially the sunflowers and the lavender.


6. Old French Cars


Our next door neighbors car. His dog likes to sit in the seat and wait for him. Too cute.


7. Adventuring


Even though Europe is in a massive heat wave, we ventured to Avignon to go to the Pont D’Avignon to sing and dance.


8. Gelato in Pajamas


We have been eating gelato at least 2-3 times a day. It is a 2 minute walk to the house (we love the family that owns and operates it), and what’s better than ice cream in pajamas? Truly a sign of relaxation and vacation.



What are you loving about this late July?

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