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I love it when things just work out and you don’t expect it! Yesterday, I was ordering a cake for my son’s birthday from a Gluten-Free Local Bakery (that I posted about in May 2020) and then decided to take the subway down to Trader Joe’s (yes second visit this week), but got off at the wrong train stop. As I emerged from the train, I realized that the Union Square Green Market was taking place and that Knead Love (where I was in the process of ordering Cruz’s 12th birthday cake) had a booth!


I mean — gluten free carbs and hot pink? Everything about Knead Love, I love (and yes I need love!)

Up close and personal viewpoint of the booth.

I couldn’t resist but show the flowers at the market, too. So beautiful.

My purchases — bread and cinny rolls.

These rolls are BEYOND amazing.



So tasty!


Knead Love bakes gluten-free sourdough breads, cookies, and other treats using hand-milled, locally-sourced ingredients. And yes even these cinny buns are gluten free!!! And vegan! And refined sugar-free! They are made with hand-milled regional grains from Maine Grains, organic maple syrup from Roxbury Mountain Maple, and hand-milled sourdough starter. So good, I can’t stop eating them! A must try!!!! So look up Knead Love and enjoy these nutrient dense, gluten free treats!

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