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Last Winter, on our “best pizza” of NYC, we wound up deep in Brooklyn at Di Fara. It truly was the most amazing pizza I have ever had, even with the hour long drive. So as soon as I found out that Di Fara had a pop up for 3 weeks in Manhattan, I jumped at the opportunity for us to go. Definitely worth it as still the best pizza I have ever had.


Located in the Lower East Side, this pop up, is basically an office building with a security guard who has someone come take our order. You can also get pizza from Roberta’s (but Di Fara is way better).

The woman said that the pizzas would be delivered in 16 minutes, and literally 16 minutes to the TEE, the pizzas arrived.

You can only buy whole pizzas (versus slices at the other locations). But you will eat it all, even if just one person.

The smell itself is intoxicating and unlike any other pizza place.

We drove home to eat the pizza (versus eat in the car).

We took the pizzas up to the roof where we had a little picnic.

The pizza. One was cheese. The other was sausage. Both were incredible.

Nothing like good NYC pizza.


It is only open for another full week, so if you get the chance, GO and RUN. Also, they started shipping nationally, so remember Di Fara is the best.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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