Currently Loving May 2020

Here we are, mid May. I get more confused with what month than what day it is. Can it really be MAY? LIKE SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER? Then what? What happens next??? Well, for now, here is what I am currently loving this month! Enjoy!


1. Warm Romper


Acid wash, pink, comfortable, cozy, and perfect for a range of temperatures. I love my new romper. I think it is perfect for a beach cover up, or a golf excursion!

2. Zara Straw Hat


MAN, do I love this hat. It is so Pollyana, so hipster, and so right. And it costs only 17 dollars and I know it will last the entire summer!


3. Chile Crisp


Newest quarantine instagram food — a little spice, a lot of flavor, to add some flair to all your home cooked meals. Easy to make and makes a huge OOMPH


4. Mile an Hour Marathon Mini Documentary


Talk about motivating — I want to run a mile an hour for a day and see what I accomplish. This 17 minute documentary is cute and uplifting — watched it with the kids and we loved it (although my kids asked what the point of him doing this was, which I then responded with — what is the point of anything?)


5. Lime Ice Cubes


I can’t tell you how many ice trays I have made of these — but I am slowly using up my 13 pounds of key limes — and I think I will forever have lime ice cubes from here on out. It is genius and a true life hack.


6. Lilacs


How could I *NOT* include lilacs in what I am currently loving? Despite having major allergies to them, I just love everything about this flower — the smell, the look, the memories, ahhhhhh lilacs.


7. Natori Silky Pajamas


Thank god for good loungewear and PJ sets for quarantine. And these Spring PJs scream SPRING!


8. By the Way Bakery Cake


For Tusia’s birthday cake, I had limited options of what to get for her birthday cake — but a friend in Greenwich suggested that we get her a cake from By the Way bakery — randomly a gluten free and dairy free bakery. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. It was so delicious and I will be a customer going forward, with many locations in the North east. So good, rich, and delicious. A hit with everyone at the party (the Natori Family of 4).


So there is it, my short but sweet list of what I love recently. What are you currently loving?

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