Currently Loving September 2019

End of September, a new season, and back into the swing of things….Summer is in the past and seems like decades ago…but here is my random list of what I am currently loving!


Jouer Lip Enhancer


The perfect amount of shine and gloss for your lips. And not only does it make your lips glisten, but it also ultra rich and moisturizes, nourishes, and conditions  them. A bonus is that it is made of good-for-you ingredients, too! A win all around.


Josie Heathers Weeekend Jogger Pants



My typical night uniform is a pair of Aviator Nation sweatpants. That said, I have now been changing things up and rotating these Josie Jogger Pants and I love them. They are the right amount of fabric — not too thick and not too thin, and flattering with the super soft jersey fabric.


Malibu Farm NYC



I am dying to go to this restaurant in Pier 17. California food with beautiful views of New York? Can’t wait to try it out. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus all look delicious. Who doesn’t love a combination of California and NYC?


Succession Season 2



Granted, I am way behind on all of my television (THIS IS US! AND SURVIVOR !), but I loved Succession Season 1 and am looking forward to this Season as well!


God is love — Common



I have always loved Common and this song just gets to me. So good.



I love it when any of you share with me what you are currently loving — so please send me an email or a text and tell me what you are currently loving (or excited to do!). Thanks in advance!


Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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