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One of the items on my Fall To Do List was to see more live concerts, and this week I did! I convinced my biffle from Oakland (California) to fly out to come see Lizzo with me at Radio City Hall, an iconic venue for an unbelievable performer. For those of you who don’t know Lizzo (which means you are behind on reading my blog posts :)), she is a must listen to and must watch in person. She is a true musician and incredibly talented. She also is relatable, fun, warm, and interactive (future friend?). 100% Goddess.


As I get older, I realize I love shows, but I want them not too long and not too short. And this was a perfect amount of time. #Goldilocks

She had dancers that were just as fascinating to watch perform. But of course, Lizzo stole the show due to her talent, stage presence and songs. MAN SHE’S GOOD.

She is all about self love and acceptance.

I want those pants. That bitch.


My favorite songs are Juice, Cuz I Love You, Truth Hurts, and Boys. But honestly, they are all catchy, fun, and great to listen to. In the past six months, Lizzo has blown up and I imagine she will only get bigger and better in the months to come. I can’t wait to see what happens with her! A great show….and can’t wait for more live shows this Fall!

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