My Go-To Sandwich

Every week, I find myself at the counter of Epicerie Bouloud to pick up my favorite sandwich in the world. Aside from cucumbers and granola (my other go-to foods), I could eat this sandwich EVERY MEAL OF EVERY DAY and be happy as a clam. Not only does it remind me of Paris, but it satisfies all my taste buds — butter, ham, cheese, bread — THANK YOU, GOD.


BIG! You can split this….or you can eat it all for yourself! (Like I do!)

Jambon beurre! Check out the quantity of the ham — so much, so good, so delicious.

To tell you the truth, if I am eating this at home, I like to add extra butter. I know, sounds crazy because most people don’t like so much fat, but because I run so much and crave fat, I slather more butter on the sandwiches.

I also like to cut the sandwich in to smaller pieces — mind you, I eat it all, but I like smaller bites.

Over the decades of my trips to Paris, I have dozens of photos of me eating Jambon Beurres as I roam the streets in Paris…..never gets old (to me).


So simple, and yet oh so delicious. Of all the french bakeries in the city, Epicerie Bouloud is my favorite for this sandwich — they put double the butter and double the ham, so double the happiness. There are many locations throughout, but my favorite one is the Food Hall in the Plaza Court — not that I ever buy anything else from other merchants, but I like knowing I could if I want to. I like to have options if I need them. It is oh so perfect. Truly. You must try.  You will be so happy.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Pret A Manger has something similar and I am obsessed with it as well. There’s something so satisfying ham on a good crusty bread.

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