Funny Text Message Exchange

So if you follow my husband, Ken, on instagram, you may have already seen this whole post. But if you are NOT on social media, or do NOT follow Ken, or do NOT look at stories, then take a look at the below. Quick synopsis is that last Thursday night, there was a text message exchange between Ken and our 9 year old son, Cruzzie, in which Ken thought it was me…pretty funny — take a look. And good job, Babers, on being able to recreate the situation in a way that makes sense and is funny (I wouldn’t be able to do either!)





















So there it is, ahhhhhh technology. Love to hate it, hate to love it. It does the trick in communicating but sometimes it is so hard to figure out the tone of the communication OR even who it is from! Hope you have a great week!

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  1. My son always tries to pull this on me. My first tip off is the emoji’s. NEVER trust the emoji’s.

  2. It’s like Maxine writing messages from my account (arrrgh!), but worse — you have set it up yourself! I guess that’s why my geometry advice remains unacknowledged — but you cannot blame it on Cruzzie!

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