To-Do-Spring Wish List NYC 2016

It seems like 2016 just started; and yet, school is about to end. I can’t believe I only have 6 weeks to squeeze in everything I want to do in Spring in NYC. Better start…..yesterday! Here is my list. (For last year’s list, go here).


1. Go see Hamilton (again).


Yowsers, I can't stop raving about it.

Yowsers, I can’t stop raving about it.

We had the privilege of seeing Hamilton two weeks ago, and I am borderline crazy obsessed. I can’t stop listening, talking about, researching, watching, and dreaming of the show, the characters, everything. If you have not been, GO. And if you have gone, GO AGAIN.


2. Ride bikes on Governor’s Island.


How fun does this look????

How fun does this look????


The island opens up to the public on May 28th. I better get there this year….I have been wanting to go for years and have not yet gone.


3. Meander along the High Line.


I know the ins and outs of Central Park, but am a tourist on the High Line....

I know the ins and outs of Central Park, but am a tourist on the High Line….


Back in the days before school dropoffs, after school activities and constant tutoring gigs, I often took Cruzzie downtown to the Highline. We would explore the water fountains, the popsicles, the views, and the people watching. Now, I want to take the kids back and explore during the week (hookie day sometime soon?) to avoid the crowds.


4. Be cheesy at Coney Island


Heaven. Or hell. But great photo opps.

Heaven. Or hell. But great photo opps.


Hot dogs, lemonade, soft serve ice cream and ferris wheel? SIGN ME UP.


Oh and Ken just told me that O.A.R. is playing there on August 6th.  Buy tickets now!


5. Chow down at Brooklyn Crab


Crabby crab crab

Crabby crab crab


Even though I live on the Upper East Side, which is probably a 180 from Brooklyn, I feel like I am more of a Brooklynite than an Upper East Sider. Because of my Oregonian blood, I am basically from Brooklyn, right? My logic is awesome. In any case, this place looks incredible and straight up my alley. So I am going there as soon as I possibly can.


6. Make daisy chains


Daisy chains

Daisy chains


Truth be told, all I really want to do is find a green grassy field, put down a picnic blanket, have the kids occupied running around, and make daisy chains. Is that simple enough?? What else can a girl want?


7. Vary my fitness classes


Me playing baseball = not fitness class.

Me playing baseball = not fitness class. No future in baseball.


One of the things I love most about NYC is the fitness scene and all of the different types of classes. Anything you want fitness wise, you have access to. So I want to pump up my fitness routine (while here in NYC in the Spring) and take as many classes as possible.


8. Go to the new Whitney Museum


I am a little embarassed that I have not yet gone! Soon !!!! (so I say)

I am a little embarrassed that I have not yet gone! Soon !!!! (so I say)


As much as I love culture and art, my family always tends to go outside or to the Natural History Museum versus an art museum. We need to head here this Spring!


9. Become a hipster and watch / dine at Syndicated in Brooklyn


oh yes oh yes oh yes.

oh yes oh yes oh yes.


I have a problem – I can’t stay awake when I watch movies.  As much as I want to, I am dead asleep 20 minutes in to any movie I watch. But perhaps, if I were surrounded by hipsters and eating delicious food, I wouldn’t fall asleep…..


10. Soak in the Aire Ancient Baths


I can't wait to go SOAK

I can’t wait to go SOAK


A friend brought my attention to this divine spa in downtown NYC and I can’t wait to go on a spa date with her!!! How divine and spectacular does it look?


So there you have it, my spring-to-do-list in New York City. Anyone else have activities that they want to do in Spring, either in NYC or not? Have a good week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Every single on of these are on my NYC bucket list! I am going to see Hamilton but not until JULY. Ahhhh. Can’t wait to go to Coney Island. Never been before. Looks like such a fun place to go in the summer

  2. The High Line in the spring is GORGEOUS! A definite must-see for anyone visiting NYC.

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