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Happy last week of January. Can you believe we are almost 1/12 done with 2014? WHOA. Speaking of randomness, here is a random grouping of (random) items I am currently loving…..Enjoy!


600 Hours of Edward

I devoured this book over the weekend…highly recommend! It is heart wrenching, thoughtful and an enjoyable overall read.

600 hours

I loved watching the personal development and growth of Edward, and seeing his inward and outward transformation.


Russian Squats

This is amazing — if you do 30 squats in Russia (Moscow), you get a free subway ride. Incentive to be active, healthy, and fit! LOVE IT!


Watch this amazing video. NYC Metro system — catch on, already!


Sons of Anarchy

I know — right? So odd and crazy — a TV show about a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club. Not what I would normally love, but entertaining and smart dramatic series. I am excited as there are 6 seasons to watch — so lots of new go-to-tv to catch up on!

Sons of Anarchy

I feel so lucky to have 6 full seasons ahead of me to watch. I haven’t been this excited about TV since The Wire and Friday Night Lights.


Finding the Perfect High End Backpack

Over the past several months, I have become obsessed with finding the right bag / backpack that is beautiful, sophisticated, refined and PRACTICAL. My shoulders are tired of dragging around a big tote bag, and my canvas backpack doesn’t fit in so well with the Upper East Side crew. So I am on the lookout for a luxurious and high end backpack. Here are the top two contenders.

Choice 2

Choice 1

Choice 1

Choice 2

Do you have any recommendations for a luxurious and hip backpack? Would love your thoughts!


Jordan Metzl’s Iron Strength Workout

As I prepare for my Paris Marathon, I need to balance out my cardio and running with some strength training. Jordan Metzl to the rescue, as he is a doctor that specializes in sport medicine and helping athletes with injuries. His iron strength workout is a quick series of movements that you can watch on and get in a full body workout in your own home. Done!


Abs of steel here I come!


Getting Excited about Josie Bedding

I am so excited for the new Josie bedding that is in development (delivery date: TBD)! I can’t wait to use it to brighten up our home!

Josie bedding

The prints are so vibrant, colorful, cheery, and the perfect touch for any lovely Josie Girl!


Spoonable Salty Caramel Sauce

Addicting. And yes,I eat it by the spoonful. No ice cream needed for this perfectly curated caramel sauce!


To buy go here. They have a variety of flavors including spicy chili caramel, brooklyn butterscotch, and flowery lavender caramel. Taste the originality!


Cacti and Succulent Plants

Yes, obsessed with finding cacti and succulent plans for our apartment. Here is some inspiration.


I am hopeful I can’t kill cacti and succulent plans as quickly as I kill orchids. They bring a lightness, and hippy chickness to households which I love, too.

So there you have it. My current loves. Have anything of interest or obsessions in your life? Would love to hear what you are drooling over! Have a great week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Yes on Sons of Anarchy. Not sure how I ended up getting started on it, but I love.

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