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Recently, I have become seriously into (nice way of saying “obsessed”) with Juice Generation‘s hot drinks (Juice Farmacy). Mind you, everything from Juice Generation is delicious (my favorites outside of the hot drinks include the pacific pineapple smoothie, the ginger miso tofu sandwich, and the amazing green acai bowl), but the hot drinks are especially addicting. They are warm, comforting, nutritious, and FIGHT OFF THE FLU EPIDEMIC!!! SHOO SHOO FLU!

Juice Generation is a NYC Juice Bar that started in 1999, created by Eric Helms. His mission was to have a friendly, accessible juice bar where New Yorkers of all lifestyles, ages, and dietary backgrounds could experience the energizing effects of fresh, raw juices made with premium ingredients—conveniently and affordably. And boy did he do so! Juice Generation now has 10 locations in Manhattan and more to come!


Which one is closest to you?

Each of the four drinks in the Juice Farmacy are great. All different with their own signature tastes and splashes of pizazz, but all with whole, natural ingredients that combine together to make the perfect warm winter drink.

hot drinks

I could drink any of these four and be a happy camper. They are all incredibly delicious (and satisfying). I choose one daily based on my mood and needs (fighting the flu — COLD WARRIOR, already have the flu — LEMON LOZENGE, need a hearty pick me up — GINGER FIX, and want to feel like the holidays — DR. BOMBAY).

Although I like them all, my go-to drink is the Cold Warrior. Sweet, tangy, hot, spicy, and ever-so-delicious.

nutritional info

Nutritional information for the Cold Warrior.


For those of you who do not live in NYC and want to try creating your own “Juice Farmacy,” here is the list of ingredients and descriptions of the drinks. I, too, want to try making these at home. So stay tuned for a recipe!

Cool blackboard

Cool and hip blackboard descriptions.




HAPPY!!!! Have it in my hand!!!


Orange you in love? I sure am.

So, if you have yet to check out Juice Generation, head on over to one of their 10 locations in Manhattan. Enjoy!!!


Peace Love and JUICE! Damn straight!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I love Juice Generation. My only issue with the Cold Warrior is the caffeine in the Green Tea. When I am sick, the last thing I want is caffeine. But it is delicious and definitely powerful!

    • ooohhh I love the green tea in it. It is the perfect pick me up in the late morning or early afternoon. That said, if it is “too late” for caffeine, and I want a hot rink for a cold, I drink the “Lemon Lozenge”

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  3. I love people share their own experiences with others and inspire them to eat healthy foods.

    I sometimes visit youtube and blogs for new recipe and make them for family.

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