Juice Generation

Recently, I have become seriously into (nice way of saying “obsessed”) with Juice Generation‘s hot drinks (Juice Farmacy). Mind you, everything from Juice Generation is delicious (my favorites outside of the hot drinks include the pacific pineapple smoothie, the ginger miso tofu sandwich, and the amazing green acai bowl), but the hot drinks are especially addicting. They are warm, comforting, nutritious, and FIGHT OFF THE FLU EPIDEMIC!!! SHOO SHOO FLU!

Juice Generation is a NYC Juice Bar that started in 1999, created by Eric Helms. His mission was to have a friendly, accessible juice bar where New Yorkers of all lifestyles, ages, and dietary backgrounds could experience the energizing effects of fresh, raw juices made with premium ingredients—conveniently and affordably. And boy did he do so! Juice Generation now has 10 locations in Manhattan and more to come!

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