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Who loves being thoughtful and writing cards, but HATES sending them out? Me! There is something way too tedious  about getting a card, handwriting your note, finding a stamp, writing out the address, and mailing. I love the idea of being thoughtful and writing cards — for thank yous, for birthdays, for any occasion. But usually, I become overly lazy and just skip it. Until I discovered treat! And boy, is it a TREAT!


Treat is an online store that sends out personalized greeting cards that really stand out. A new company (originally a part of Tiny Prints), Treat has set up a system where you can create a personalized greeting card that reflects your style with your own photos, nicknames, and thoughts. And then you can even make it so Treat mails the card directly to the recipient. Unbelievable!

card pack

Super easy!

And you can join different “Card Clubs” that allow you to send more cards for a saving (and who doesn’t love a deal?)



And Treat has a gizzilion of different cards and styles to choose from! Simple, modern, amusing, you name it!


Magazine fun card! You put the person’s picture on the cover as a magazine spoof. LOVE!

bday sample card

A simple sample card.

grandma picture

or a personalized card with a grandma picture!


An envelope with a stamp — addressed and stamped by Treat!

Sample card

Sample personalized card!


Inside! So fun.


Back of the card — you can put your picture on it. Or a picture of your dog.

Treat is great: easy, simple, and they allow you to make great personalized cards! I am a believer in Treat and can’t wait to send more snail mail cards to friends and family!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I love these! They are totally easy to use, and not that expensive. I would never do an e-card, but these are a good compromise.

    • Definitely a compromise. Sure it might not have your handwriting on it, but it is still personal and fun!

  2. I am totally doing this for all my holiday thank you cards!!  What a fun, useful post 🙂

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