US Open 2014

Happy (belated) Labor Day! Can’t believe how fast the summer flew by….the only thing that keeps me from being depressed with the change of seasons / responsibilities / obligations / reality / back to NYC, is the fact that I spent a big portion of last week at the US Open! And I will be there off and on this week, too (including today). Nothing better than to mourn the end-of-summer with some tennis, sunshine, and my Papa’s company (a huge tennis fanatic who comes every year for the 2 week tennis tournament. THANK GOODNESS — his presence in NYC makes the transition back that much easier. And yes, I am 35.) Here are some pictures of last week. (Not shown: my sweaty, smelly nastiness post hot matches, the night sessions, the gallons of water I consumed to stay hydrated, my hour long subway commutes, and the mother’s guilt I had for leaving the kids.)


Blue on blue on blue. Blue tri-facto.

Blue on blue on blue. Blue tri-fecta.

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U.S. Open

It’s my favorite time of year for sports in New York!  Tennis has always been my favorite, so one of the biggest upsides of living here is being able to go to the U.S. Open.  My father is here for two weeks and he has literally been to Flushing almost every day.  For us, Friday night was the highlight. Enjoy the pics!

7 train. Amazingly quick on the express.

If you have two kids, your husband will do nice things for you (like carry your heavy handbag even if it makes him look incredibly girly)

Added treat: we got to see Andy Roddick play right after he announced that this U.S. Open would be his last tournament.  The electricity in the crowd was amazing.  He was clearly moved by it and played great.

Roddick. We had amazing seats. I have become good friends with the parents of one of my ex-students, and they invited us to their box. Thanks Valerie and Chris!

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