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The moment I saw a good friend’s photo albums in her home, I knew that I wanted to copy her exact arrangement. Started by this friend’s good friend, Poppie Press is a service that puts together your photos by year into gorgeous albums. As someone who takes thousands of photos per year, I have never been able to put together a photo album to save my life. I despise the process and I never get around to it. It gives me the worst headaches and point is, I don’t like doing it. So when I found out that Poppie Press had some availability for new clients, I rushed at the chance. And I couldn’t be happier.


Not my stack of books, but I can’t wait to soon have a stack like this!

So far, I only have the finished product of 2020 — but I have sent them all the photos for three other years — and I am excited for the arrival of the albums when they do come.


Currently the 2020 photo album is on the coffee table, but as soon as we get more, I am going to line them up on the book shelf.


The process is that every week / month / day (whatever system you create), you are sent a reminder to send pictures on a shared icloud photo album for a specific month (and year). It doesn’t take long to choose the best 50 photos of that month (some months have 25, other months have 90), and then slowly (or quickly — I tend to do it all in one day because when I want, I have laser sharp focus), you put together the entire year.


The beautiful album. I personally think it is the perfect size and material. Luxe but approachable and ever so beautiful paper.


I found it SO easy to choose the photos, and the lay out was exactly how I would have done it myself (if I were more patient and enjoyed it more). It has been such an easy process with great results that I can’t recommend this service enough!


It is fun to see the year as a whole — from January to December — finishing with our holiday card.

Perfectly placed.

Ahhhhh the memories.


….but cute.


So if you are anything like me and love keepsakes, but don’t want to do it yourself, then Poppie Press is the right choice! Contact them here. And yes, my goal is to put together a photo album per year since Cruzzie was born! That is a lot of years and a lot of work (and a lot of crappy photos to sort through….) but I know it will be worth it in the end!

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