Currently Loving October 2023

There is a lot of sadness and heartache in the world right now — it is all so hard to hear and read. So here is what I am currently loving right now.


1. Pumpkin Banana Pudding


I know it sounds weird — but it might have been the most amazing and delicious thing I have ever eaten. HIGHLY recommend. It tasted like pumpkin cheesecake and was so rich and decadent, and I finished the whole thing (over the period of a couple of days).

2. Jaja’s African Hair Braiding


90 minute, no intermission (aka the only type of theater right now that I love). Fun, light, funny, highly recommend.


3. Furry Slides


I bought these last week, and since then, they are the only shoes that I want to wear. They are unbelievably comfortable and warm. If you purchase them, go a full size up. I am always a 38 and got these in a 39.



4. Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams (R3hab Remix)


Love Taylor Swift, Love any EDM, so this remix makes me so happy.


5. Hall des Lumieres


I love Hall des Lumieres and have seen their exhibits in both Les Baux and in Paris — love all of them (they change every 6 months), and now it is in NYC downtown near City Hall. This one features Chagall and is so beautiful. A fun activity for the family.


6. Jamali Garden


Hands down the best place to go if you need vases, trinkets, ornaments, lights, is in the flower district in NYC. I went there this past week to get flowers and vases, and we bought a ton of vases for a friend’s event — great prices. GREAT prices.



There you have it — a short and sweet simple list. What are you loving this month? I hope you are all handing the grief and sadness in the world ok and being kind and loving to everyone. Sigh. What a week.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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