Currently Loving September 2023

Here is what I am loving this month! And as always, please email / text / call / message me with everything and anything you love — I truly love hearing the little snippets of joy that you enjoy, too!


1. Manet x Degas Exhibition at The Met


One of the beauties of NYC is the access to all the museums. As I walk by the Met every single day to get to my daughter’s school, I became a member, and love popping in just for a quick look. On Thursday, on a whim, I stopped by the newly opened “Manet x Degas” — there was no line (I went an hour before closing) and IT WAS AMAZING. I loved every single thing about the exhibition and learned so much! I had no idea that Manet and Degas were friends and the similarities and differences between the two. I stayed for an hour, and will go back to soak it all in again. I highly recommend. And great to go when no line!

2. Pickling


I learned how to pickle! I made two varieties — one asian seasoning and one dill. It takes two weeks to fully pickle, so in two weeks, I cannot wait to try and report back.


3. Painkiller on Netflix


Highly disturbing about the Sackler Family and the opioid crisis. I went through the 6 episodes in a week – very depressing and sad. But very interesting and well done (and Tim Riggins — I love you!)


4. B Sides Lasso Jeans


My go to favorite fashion style inspiration and good friend told me to get these, and I love them so much! I wear them all the time. They are different, comfortable, and durable.


5. B Sides Jean Skirt


Thank god for you, Eleanor, with the best style and eye!!!!! She also told me about this jean skirt and it is the perfect skirt. I love it and plan to wear it all Fall!


6. Making Dog Food


Gourmet homemade dog food for my picky and uber sensitive dog! Let me know if you want the recipe, and I will do a post. If not, let’s just say that this process of making the dog food made me very happy!


7. Jewish Museum “After the Wild” Exhibit


The Jewish Museum is directly across my daughter’s school, so it was super easy to go to this quick exhibition. They don’t just have jewish work, btw. The main floor rotates different exhibitions. I loved learning and looking at all these pieces of work.


8. Ellenos Pumpkin Pie Yogurt


I am a huge fan of Ellenos yogurt and also a huge fan of pumpkin pie. So I couldn’t resist trying this yogurt. Sure enough, I loved it.


9. Choosing to Run: A Memoir


I listened to this book on audible in 2 days — loved every word from Des Linden. What an inspiration — thank you. If you like running, you will love this book. If you don’t like running, skip it.


Hope you are having a great last week in September! xx

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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