Natori Kids Photo Shoot

Natori is coming out with a kids line this Spring which is super exciting. There are many different dresses and each of them are so cute, fresh, and fun. In preparation for the line to drop, there was a photo shoot last week and the model was none other than Tusia (my 10 year old daughter).


Waiting for our turn to go to the shoot and get primped.

Some of the dresses — I LOVE the patterns and styles. They are so easy!

Hair and make up. I loved this guy, Bruce. He has been working with Natori for almost 20 years and he did the hair and makeup perfectly.

Finishing Tusia’s hair.

Simple makeup.

First look. Vavavoom.

Behind the scenes.

I love this dress (and the photo).

Also a cute dress.

Natori is also making 4 different mommy-me dresses — so dresses for adults and kids. Of course, my mother in law modeled in 3 of the different patterns with Tusia (should we call them grandma and me dresses?)

I had the opportunity to be photographed in one of the dresses. Quite an experience.

Behind the scenes continued.

3 generations.

I love this photo

And the final photograph.


Stay tuned for the arrival of Natori Kids. I cannot wait and I am excited to share them with you when they are available!

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