Currently Loving January 2023

January is always the longest month. It feels like February is right around the corner, but it actually isn’t — it still is weeks away! Here is what I am loving this month!


1. Anything Pendleton-pattern-esque


I love everything Pendleton. I’ve had the blue coat since Cruzzie was in my belly (13 years ago) and it is a coat that I imagine I will have as long as I am alive. And I keep adding to my collection…now the dog has one (if only she liked it — she hates clothes).

2. Mad Happy Local Optimist Pants


I first heard about this company by a super-cool-12-year-old-who-lnows-everything. So I jumped on the train and bought a pair of sweats (I want to be cool like the 6th grader!). And sure enough, I love this company, its story, etc…Check them out!


3. Alex Katz @ The Guggenheim


Go see the Alex Katz show at the Guggenheim. Amazing, and very beautiful. It is in NYC until Feb 20th.


4. Pinocchio @ The MoMA


Over break, the entire family watched the new Pinocchio film on netflix. It was a huge hit with the grandparents, parents, and children. And as soon as we were back in NYC, I saw that the puppets and shadow boxes had its own exhibition at the MoMA. We went and it was a great addition to watching the movie. HIGHLY recommend both! The puppets are incredible works of art.


5. Smitten Kitchen Cabbage


Smitten Kitchen Cabbage. This recipe was INSANE and so delicious. By myself I ate the entire cabbage over a 24 hour period. Very into cabbage right now.


6.  Is NY turning in to LA


I absolutely love LA, so I love the fact that NYC is slowly becoming LA. Read this article, it’s good.


7. The Collaboration


Hands down the best play I have seen in a long time. RUN and see!!!!


8. Rufus Sundream Claptone Remix


I have loved Rufus for the past 8 plus years, and I really love this remix.


What are you loving right now? Of course, I am also loving chocolate chips, Lychee martinis from Nobu, hot baths, a good night sleep, and my friends and family. YOU? DO share. xx

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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