Sunday in Brooklyn

In the past month, we have been going to Brooklyn for brunch. There is something and fun and different to get in our car, drive to a different borough, and eat where we are not going to know a single person. Recently, we ended up at Sunday in Brooklyn, on a SUNDAY in BROOKLYN (very meta). It was after I researched where “the best pancakes are served in NYC,” and this was at the top of every list I came across.


It takes reservations, but on the Sunday we went, there were not any available spots, so we walked in, and put our name on the waitlist and walked around Domino Park — which had beautiful views of Manhattan. Windy and cold, but still beautiful and picturesque.

There is an indoor dining section and then outdoor cabanas. We were seated in our own little private hut, which was great for our dog to join.

Ken and Tusia.

Me and the kids.

My incredible ceasar salad.

And the avocado toast — delicious.

The FLUFFY pancakes – worth it.

Cruzzie wanted to try gravy and biscuits…..skeptical but good.


I highly recommend trying Sunday in Brooklyn, although I would have (a) a reservation or (b) come very early. It is definitely a hip and popular hipster restaurant, so if not early, be prepared to wait. That said, even with our long wait, it was worth it — pancakes are fluffy and to die for.

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  1. I LOVE this and all of your posts. Can I please ask about the green and white Notebook featuring a Boston Terrier that Tusia is holding? I’m green with envy. And “fluffy” does not begin to describe that pancake! As we say in Gawja, (GO DAWGS) and Lord Have Mercy.

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