Sunday in Brooklyn

In the past month, we have been going to Brooklyn for brunch. There is something and fun and different to get in our car, drive to a different borough, and eat where we are not going to know a single person. Recently, we ended up at Sunday in Brooklyn, on a SUNDAY in BROOKLYN (very meta). It was after I researched where “the best pancakes are served in NYC,” and this was at the top of every list I came across.


It takes reservations, but on the Sunday we went, there were not any available spots, so we walked in, and put our name on the waitlist and walked around Domino Park — which had beautiful views of Manhattan. Windy and cold, but still beautiful and picturesque.

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Sunday NYC Brunch- Bubby’s, Meatpacking District

As I am in Italy on a fun girls trip (more later), here is Ken with a quick guest blog post from his solo weekend with the kids:



Most people think of the Meatpacking District as a trendy neighborhood in Manhattan with shopping, night clubs, and buzz.  It is also our favorite neighborhood to have early Sunday brunch (actually breakfast), as it is completely empty, has really easy street parking, and sets you up for a bunch of post-breakfast activities.  Our old stomp was Pastis (mostly known for being trendy, not for being a kids-friendly brunch place).  But since that closed down, our new Sunday morning brunch spot is Bubby’s on Gansevoort.  Easy, empty, delicious, and well-located.


Parking isn’t allowed in the neighborhood until Sunday 6 AM.  So early Sunday morning parking is a breeze.

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Russ & Daughters

The new Russ and Daughters inside The Jewish Museum is a must eat and must see destination! This past Sunday, when my father was in town, we had the chance to go to Brunch with the family and celebrate my side of the family’s heritage.


Located in the basement of the museum, it is in fact sub-terranean, but still a great location to visit even with no windows.

Located in the basement of the museum, it is in fact sub-terranean, but still a great location to visit even with no windows.

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Llama Inn – Sunday Brunch

The perfect bite.

After our big celebration this past Saturday night, we went out to cure our hangover / adrenaline / socialization with a big brunch. My brother, Giora, who lives in Seattle and is always up to speed with pop culture and what is cool (way more than any other New Yorker I know) told me about a restaurant that he wanted to go to — Llama Inn, a new Peruvian restaurant in Williamsburg that has a lot of buzz about it.

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Brunch at Sadelle’s

One of our favorite Sunday family activities is to go downtown for early family brunch — no traffic, easy parking, and it makes us feel young, hip, and in the know (wishful thinking).  Even with a 6 and 3 year old in tow -> #HipstersEatBrunchAt9. Yesterday, we drove down to Soho to Sadelle’s, a new hip restaurant/Jewish deli run by Major Food Group (the people behind Dirty French, Carbonne and Parm) and ate ourselves silly. Highly recommend — the food, experience, service, ambiance — 5 stars from this family!


Beautiful flowers sprinkled throughout the room. At night, there are lots of candles (says a good friend of mine).

Beautiful flowers sprinkled throughout the room. At night, there are lots of candles (says a good friend of mine).

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Pastis Sunday AM Brunch

It’s not often you can find somewhere in Manhattan to eat that is a) trendy, b) kid-friendly, c) guaranteed not to have a wait, d) guaranteed to have a parking spot DIRECTLY in front of the restaurant.  We have struck gold!

One of our favorite Sunday morning activities is to drive downtown to Pastis to eat a delicious and quick breakfast right at 9AM. Located in the heart of the meatpacking district, Pastis is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. At one point, it was super trendy and truly the place to be. Although now less of a hot destination, Pastis continues to serve delicious French bistro food, and is great for an early morning treat with the family. And because it is no longer the “it” place, you can wear pajamas or workout clothes and not feel like a complete dork. Like I do. Check out the menu here.


Because the meatpacking district is all about clubs on Saturday night, the streets are empty on Sunday morning. Guaranteed parking right in front of the restaurant -> nice. Scaffolding -> not so nice.

side view

The only car on the block (almost).

family friendly

Extremely family friendly. And workout clothes friendly, too.

garbage truck

Don't look too closely at my face. Not awake yet. Where is my coffee?


THERE IT IS! Thank goodness!


View of the classic French bistro. We were lucky and got a nice table with open space for all our junk. We never travel lightly....whether it is two blocks or two miles or across the country. We come (overly) prepared. You name it, we have it in our green bag.

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