NYC Marathon 2022 Part 2

Almost 2 weeks have passed since the NYC Marathon, and although it feels like a lifetime ago, I still think about the run all the time. More than any other marathon due to the fact that I ran with Eddie, the blind athlete, and our unfortunate ending of the race. Eddie continues to be an inspiration to me — blind, and yet fully loving and appreciative of life. He does not let his disability define him and seeks challenges, joy, and happiness in everything he does. I hope to be more like Eddie in my daily life. This was our most recent exchange.


As I wrote in the previous post, Eddie started cramping up 1/2 mile before the finish line. And then with 0.1 miles to go, he passed out. Fully unconscious. As you can see in this photo, Eddie crossed the finish line in a wheelchair. The photograph is terrible — awful, and yet, he is able to laugh about it. (He can see the photo if he puts it next to his eye in the far corner — not a clear image, but he can see some shapes and puts it together). It was Eddie’s birthday on marathon day — his 30th birthday nonetheless — and although he went to the hospital for heat exhaustion for the rest of the day, he was still ever so grateful for this experience.


For those not on instagram, I posted the entire series of how I found the two gentleman who helped us at the end. It was very important for me to find them (thank you internet) as I was beyond appreciative of their help — I wouldn’t have been able to get Eddie to the finish line had it not been for them. Here is the story of it all pieced together (and for those who already read it on social media, sorry!)


The beginning of the end.

Thank you.

Thankful for these two men, because as a friend pointed out, if I had been there running for a goal time, I am not sure I would have stopped to help out. Actually I am so focused on the ending that there is no way I would have, which makes me even more thankful.

Pure panic.

This was at the point I had not yet found the two men.

Then, I got this instagram message.

Found the phone number of the NYPD runner.

Texted with the red shirt man.

And more from the NYPD runner. Yes, I was a detective and found his number. SHOULD I BECOME A DETECTIVE?????



Anyways, long story short — I am thankful for Eddie and this experience, and hope to have his optimism, courage, and strength more in my life. Happy weekend.

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