LV 200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries: The Exhibition

This past Sunday, I visited the old Barneys building (RIP) as Louis Vuitton is hosting an exhibition there until December 31st. This exhibition is the fourth and final stop of this traveling show. Not only is it an exhibit, but Fred’s (the restaurant, SOB, RIP) is also temporarily opened while Louis Vuitton is in the building.  The exhibit is located on three of the floors, presenting 200 trunks that were created by 200 different artists.

The building. Entrance is free — you can reserve a ticket online, or just simply walk in, depending on the time of the day and how busy it is.

I went with my daughter and it was fun to explore each of the sections. I would like to go WITHOUT her, so I can spend more time at each trunk and find out more information. In order to read about the trunk, you have to scan the QR code, (which although is great, takes away from quality time from the person you are with viewing the exhibit).

Some rooms are just one trunk and the artist gets to decorate the entire room, other rooms have multiple trunks .

One of the LV trunks.

It was fun to see the huge range of trunks and how each artist created their own interpretation of the trunk, Louis Vuitton, or their personal own experience.

An example of how you could read about each artist and their creation.

Cocktail napkins.

Protect the ocean, save the future. Done by Jacques Cousteau’s family member.

Artist name, and the QR.

Mixed media.

I love this….a vessel: consider the trunk as a vessel: for an object, a dream, a future, a reflection, a desire.

More about the 200 trunks.

One of my favorite trunks.

My favorite: a juke box!

The flyer for the exhibition.

I definitely loved seeing how Louis Vuitton used this space and found it creative and unique. A must see — even if just to walk through for 5 minutes.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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