Challah Braiding

I love to braid — in hair, flower crowns, and challah.


Recently, I taught Tusia how to braid and make flower crowns.

The final product of our braiding.


So when her school offered a family “challah making” morning to celebrate Jewish Heritage Month, I jumped at the opportunity. What is better than (a) braiding (b) carbs (c) family togetherness.


It is a super easy process, especially when the dough is already made for you! In this case, the school purchased the dough from a kosher bakery, Butterflake, in NJ. They even deliver. This was such a fun event to do, and I would love to host a little together where we make challah.

It is as simple as breaking the dough into three even pieces, and then making them in to long ropes and braiding them.

Tusia’s final product.

It sits on a plate covered with a towel for several hours to rise.

It doubled in size!

Then you paint the top with eggs.

And bake it!

Beautiful, tasty, and a great week to celebrate Shabbat (or any day!)


I hope you have a great week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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