Straw Bags

Nothing says summer more than a straw bag (well that and hot weather). My newest purchase is a floral straw bag from Suzie Kondi — so if you like it (they are all one of a kind), contact the store and get one!


So light and easy — and a great present, too.

I love flowers, bright colors, and bags — so it is a great combination.

The bag is the perfect length and not too big, and not too small. Goldilocks perfection.

And I love that the inside has floral fabric — just a little extra special touch.

Suzie Kondi herself modeling the bag — shows the exact size of the bag well.

A different variation. I want them all!


So if you are in the mood for a summer bag, or want to gift someone a taste of summer, these bags are the perfect option! Call or email Suzie Kondi’s store in the Hamptons!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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