Spinach Hummus

One of my favorite parts of spending the summer in Oregon is being surrounded by all the local, organic, small-batch, hippie foods. I have my all time favorites that have been around forever (Toby’s Tofu Pate), but each summer, I fall in love with some new favorites. This summer, I am head over heels with this spinach hummus by King Harvest. BEYOND DELICIOUS, TASTY, UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. It is die for — and you must find it and buy it….and even if it is not sold in your grocery store, try to replicate it and make it home.


King Harvest.


Ingredients — so good, so healthy. Easy to make on your own, too.

And my other favorite local product.


I have found myself eating spinach hummus every single day this summer — even if it is just on a piece of bread alone, dipped with chips, carroy sticks, or even lettuce. It is so good and I highly recommend. Any favorite snacks / food items that I need to know about? Please share.

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